For years now, you've heard experts talk about "the hidden job market" and how the best jobs are almost exclusively done through networking.

It's great advice, except for the fact that you don't really know anyone... or maybe you just don't know the right people.

All you know is that this networking your way to a job doesn't sound easy or fun.

Intuitive Mindset Coach Jessie DaSilva teaches you her methodology for recruiting contacts to grow your network so you make genuine connections with people who are eager to help you.

Jessie perfected her system over the course of four career changes in six years, which included one move that literally doubled her salary!

By the last career change, she never even sent in a job application. She landed her gig entirely through her existing network.

Now you can learn how to tap into your inner confidence and wisdom to guide yourself through these practical tips that will show you how to leverage the contacts you already have, make genuine connections with individual people, and identify the coolest-sounding jobs at companies that pay what you deserve.

You'll receive instruction on how to use LinkedIn to find interesting jobs and companies, plus connect with the people who work at them.

You will also learn to polish your resume and cover letter with samples to guide you. Jessie also provides shows you how to nail an interview and use it to screen your potential employer, plus how to negotiate a salary you deserve.

This is a one-stop shop for any job hunt whether you're a seasoned professional or fresh out of school.

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to Manifest Your Dream Career!
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  Align Your Intentions: Get Clear on What Exactly Kind of Job You Want
Available in days
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  Embody Your Intentions Deeply: Believing You Are Top Talent
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  Take Inspired Action Daily: A New Kind of Job Hunt
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  Written Materials
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  How to Rock the Recruitment Process
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Welcome, friend! I'm Jessie.

And I've been coaching since I learned to talk. This natural gift of gab also made me a natural networker, but as I channeled into job hunts that opened up hidden job opportunities for me, I realized I could help others for whom networking felt like a chore.

I found a way to organize my process for others that helped them create quality connections with industry professionals who not only genuinely liked them, but wanted to help them, too!

I've since pivoted into business consulting, but this original program is still one of my best courses available.

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Murugi Thande

"[Manifest Your Dream Career] was the best money I’ve spent.

"Jessie gave me so many tips and resources and shared her wealth of knowledge.

"I left knowing my worth and willing to ask for it. Just a few short weeks after the seminar, I was offered a new, better job and could not be happier.

"I will continue using her tips as I navigate my career and life."

Katherine Castro

"I have felt constant road blocks but [Jessie's class] on how to effectively network and ability to break the shell of reaching out to people to expand your networking circle has tremendously helped me.

"I really appreciate the handouts and the networking tracker.

"They are going to be immensely useful and definitely something I needed since my resume is outdated and needs to be more attractive and my networking skills have been what feels like none."

Reham Fared

"After attending [Manifest Your Dream Career] I not only landed my dream job, but at my dream salary!

"Jessie teaches to always negotiate, no matter what your salary is.

"So, when I received a job offer for double my salary, I still asked for more, plus $10,000 just in case I low-balled myself (Jessie's advice).

It worked! They accepted my counter-offer without hesitation! I couldn't have done it without this class."