Jessie DaSilva is a psychic career and business coach who uses her natural gifts to help clients identify the blocks keeping them from the success they desire. She coaches them on how to move past those shortcomings by tapping into their inner magic using a 3-point, spellwork-inspired framework: (1) align your intentions, (2) deepen your embodiment of them, and (3) take inspired action.

"Before I started working with Jessie, I worked with coaches who were helping me understand the manifestation and deep healing process.

Yet I didn't understand the pragmatic steps I needed to take. I needed someone to look at my business as a consultant that the spiritual work alone could not help me enough.

Since working with Jessie, not only have I gotten clear guidance on exactly what I needed to do, it's allowed me to think about my business in a more linear fashion.

My biggest win was seeing myself as an elite coach. That mindset shift made me feel powerful and magical, which totally changed how I showed up online.

Beyond that, I cracked the $20k-month mark and have consistently made more than that every month since, including $50k in January.

If that weren't enough, she also helped me manifest my soul mate!

Jessie gave me full permission to be human and spiritual. There's a perception that for coaches like me, we need to be 100% spiritual all the time.

Jessie has a similar flavor of reality that allowed me to feel good about my own brand of coaching.

When I get off the phone, I feel reassured that I'm on the right path, I feel like I have course correction on what I need to course correct, and I just feel like a baller overall.

And that is a profound gift.

- Dr. Liz DuBois

Hi, I’m Jessie DaSilva

I've lived through some wild life experiences, including buying a one-way ticket to my dream city with barely $1500 in my bank account, getting fired from a fancy legal job, starting a business with nothing, and every financial hardship you can think of.

And I not only bounced back but crushed it every. single. time.

I've also had some huge wins like a $30,000 sales DAY and a feature in Forbes.

Now and those experiences built a profitable coaching business where I help you align with the abundance you deserve.

I'm here to teach you how to tap into the magic within based on a 3-point formula inspired by spellwork:

  1. Align your intentions
  2. Deepen how you embody them
  3. Take inspired action

It's really that simple.

Whether you're looking to manifest your dream job or tap into the wealth creation you've been calling in, this is the place for you.

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